Samuel James Charles Boykin

Born 10/29/04 -  2:51pm. 
Weight 8 lb 14.5oz  - length 22.5 inches

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Boykin Side History.

Dad: James Andrew Boykin DOB 04-19-1971

Parents: Charles Rogers Boykin and Darline Robertson Boykin (formally Robertson)

Robertson side pictures:




Daniel Moulton (1851-1920) with first grandchild, Richard Moulton (b. april 30, 1913)




Boykin Side:

James Andrew Boykin's Father is Charles Rogers Boykin

His parents are Gladys and Charles Boykin.

GLADYS ROGERS, b. July 27, 1917, Laurel Hill, Okaloosa County, Florida; 
CHARLES LEONARD BOYKIN; b. September 16, 1912; d. February 2, 1991.
Burial: Ebenezer Cemetery, Laurel Hill, Florida

Some History via Gladys Boykin (James Boykin's Grandmother)

Thomas Calvin Rogers Came on the Mayflower with son Joseph
Lived 5 months then dies, later the rest of the family came over.
Gladys Boykin's Parents
Thomas Calvin Rogers (Bud)Born March 30, 1882
Della- oleathy Davis June 1, 1889

Jason Steele Lost in Civil War (one overcoat) Grandma Great Grandfather
Grandma Dad) Thomas Rogers Father was James Alex Rogers (James Alex’s Father was WW Rogers) Alex’s wife was Laura Neal
Had Boys Ervin who Married Sleety Maddox
Their Kids were: Elmner, James, Bessie,Walter (all Rogers) 

Uncle Joe Rogers, Thomas Calvin Rogers (Grandmas Dad) (James Alex is Thomas Calvin Father) Their Kids were:
Eller, Etta, Occie Nolie (Rogers) 
Della Davis Parents – James Monroe Davis - Caroline Steele (Her father was killed in Civil War (Jason Steele)) Caroline Steele Brothers – Buddy Died at 21, Jason Davis (Married Cutts) They had 5 childere, Lance, Albert, Lowell, Floyd, Clarance (Died at 15 from a runaway mule) 
Uncle Jays’s (Grandma’s Mothers Brother) first wife died then remarried Gussei Cutts) Thay had Leon, Wilmer, Ina May, Edward, Clinton.
Her other Brother Author, Married Josephene Davidson – Kids: Neddie, Virgil, Dorris, Aubrin, Ruby, Burdell, Then the Mother died He married again Edda Binggham Had twin Girls, Bietrace, attrice
Mommas sister Lular Married Robert Kennington No kids
Annie Never Married ,no kids
Grandpa Steeles (Jason) wife was Elizabeth Kennington 
Her mother’s last name married cousin, after he dies she married a West


thanks for the information - we already have this, but it's nice to know you care about it too - fyi there are several errors, including your grandmother's middle name 
take care, Marilyn 


Boykin Pictures

Jim and Mary

Jim's Parents

Charles Rogers Boykin 

Elizabeth, Alberta, Marilyn Boykin (Charles Rogers Boykin's Sisters) 
Daughtors of Charles and Gladys Boykin

Darline and Charles Boykin 1967

Charles, Scott, Darline (Jim inside 1971)

Darline and Charles 2005

Charles L. Boykin Sr.

Gladys Boykin (wife of Charles)

Gladys Boykin's Father, Thomas Calvin Rogers (Bud)

Della Rogers (Davis) (Wife of Thomas Calvin Rogers)

Thomas (Bud) and Della Rogers


Charles L. Boykin's mother (Boykin)

Albert L. Boykin 1904

bud Della




Bottom Middle is Della

James Cornelius Boykin 1883


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